Sunday, June 27, 2010

Introducing...Hey Marseilles

I'd never heard the term "folkestra" before I saw it on indie band Hey Marseilles' MySpace page, but it's about the perfect way to describe the group's chosen genre. This Seattle collective, seven members strong, seamlessly mixes elements of both traditional folk and orchestral pop (among other things) with consistently gorgeous and melodic results on their upcoming album, To Travels & Trunks, due out June 29th. This appropriately titled debut indeed travels over a variety of musical landscapes during its hour length, ranging from soaring epics to lovely instrumental interludes and utilizing the enormous collective talent of the musicians involved. My favorites include the string-led ode to exploration "Rio," the unbelievably beautiful "Calabasas," and the multifaceted, emotional "Cannonball," which begins as an acoustic ballad before exploding into a catchy rock anthem. However, while these songs with more traditional structures will catch your ear immediately, the intimate beauty found within less usual cuts--like the meandering "Cities"--is what makes To Travels & Trunks a truly absorbing and thoroughly interesting listen.

Hey Marseilles is off to a great start here, and I'll certainly be looking for more from them in the future. Get yourself introduced right away by downloading "Rio" below, then be sure to check out the band's stellar debut as soon as possible.

MP3 Download: Rio



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Yeah that's cool.."Folkestra" is a great way to describe their style. In case anybody's interested I also wrote a blog post about them at