Saturday, June 12, 2010

Introducing: Milagres

You may know the band Milagres by their former name, The Secret Life of Sofia, or perhaps--like me--you are just now getting introduced. Either way you would do well to give these guys a listen. The group recently made the name change (which is Portuguese for "Miracles") and just released their debut under the new moniker, Seven Summits, a mature and accomplished album that certainly belies the band's experience and gets them off to a great start with their updated name. The record isn't truly a "concept album," but it does have a unifying theme--mountain climbing, which stems from front man Kyle Wilson's love of all things mountain-related. The press release states the album is "part fact, part historical fiction," and truly there is a wealth of lyrical detail to discover here, but even if you're less inclined to dig into the meaning behind the words, Milagres makes truly beautiful, majestic music that's quite easy to appreciate.

My personal favorites include the epic opener "Fifty Fourteeners," the lovely ballad "Sheet Stealer!" and the intriguing narrative "Nanda Devi," though it's hard to go wrong on Seven Summits. To start, I recommend downloading the single "Outside" below, or checking out the band on MySpace to hear more. Definitely don't pass this album pass you by, it's spectacular stuff.