Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Should Know: James Vincent McMorrow

With a softly soulful voice and penchant for heartbroken lyrics, James Vincent McMorrow makes the Bon Iver/Justin Vernon comparisons all too easy. Even the way in which the two artists recorded their debuts is similar, in isolated houses with almost no outside assistance. But McMorrow's first effort, Early in the Morning, carves out a distinct niche for the Irish songwriter, one a little more pop friendly than Vernon's but just as emotionally powerful and beautifully eerie. McMorrow's disarming vocals will certainly draw the most attention, but his songwriting and musicianship are remarkable as well, making Early in the Morning one of 2011's best early debut's.

Recommended Tracks: "If I Had a Boat," "We Don't Eat," "Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree"

Head over to Spinner
to grab one of the album's best tracks, opener "If I Had a Boat"

RCRD LBL has another song to download, "This Old Dark Machine," though it's mislabeled as "Early in the Morning"

Check out his Facebook page for more info.