Monday, May 10, 2010

You Should Know: Dana Falconberry

Austin singer/songwriter Dana Falconberry seems to have already made a name for herself in her hometown. The Austin Chronicle even labeled her as one of the city's "most arresting female vocalists," which, considering what must be stiff competition, seems like pretty high praise. And with her most recent album, Halletts, I think she just might find a bigger audience for her stirring brand of folk music. The collection of eight tunes revisits some previous recordings and includes some new songs as well - though for me it has just served as a convincing introduction to Falconberry's simply beautiful songwriting.

With the help of a full band (for the first time), Falconberry works her way through this easy-going, yet emotionally engaging set of tunes with a spare, almost rustic approach. The presence of other musicians is obvious, with touches of banjo, ukulele, and more helping to bring these musical tales to life, but the songs stay grounded and focuses right where they should be--on her uniquely gorgeous voice. Highlights include the pleasant and warm "Blue Umbrella," the darkly tinged "Baby Blue Sky," and the lovely closing thought "Birthday Song." With Halletts, Dana Falconberry offers plenty of reasons to label her as an artist to watch--keep an eye on her going forward.

Download: "Crooked River" (not from the album, but one of the best I've heard from her)