Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three for Wednesday: Emily Jane White, In Tall Buildings, Sarah Jaffe

Emily Jane White

We here at Chewing Gum for the Ears (we meaning me, of course) are always looking for those folk artists out there who deserve your attention, and Emily Jane White is one such musician. Her new album, Victorian America, is a darkly-tinged collection of Americana tunes that in no way belies her sunny California origins, but it does make very clear her gripping songwriting ability. Even at a solid hour in length and with its generally sparse aesthetic, the record remains entrancing due to White's vivid storytelling and her beautiful, emotive voice. Highlights like "The Baby" and "The Ravens" quickly make these qualities known, and she seems like such a natural in this genre you'd surely have a difficult time imagining her as frontwoman for the various metal and punk bands she performed with in college. Definitely take the time to get acquainted with Emily Jane White, who has crafted a superb folk record with Victorian America.

Download: Liza (zipped MP3)


In Tall Buildings

When I tell you that In Tall Buildings is the solo recording project of one Erik Hall, of Nomo fame, you'll likely envision music of a considerably different type than you actually find on his first and self-titled outing. In Tall Buildings is a restrained, often acoustic affair that focuses on Hall's hazy vocals and his multi-instrumental ability, and while the differences between this and his primary gig make the album interesting, the quality of the music makes it worth noting here. Several years in the making, the eight songs sound carefully composed and--at times--intensely personal despite some tricky chord progressions and tempo changes. It's not flashy or loud, but the record consistently reveals Hall's impressive musicianship with a variety of subtle flourishes that bring to life tunes like the eclectic "The Way To A Monster's Lair" and the odd yet engrossing "Good Fences." Artists have side projects for many reasons--I think Erik Hall just knew these songs needed to be heard.

Download: The Way To A Monster's Lair (MP3)


Sarah Jaffe

24 year-old Texas native Sarah Jaffe just yesterday released her debut LP, Suburban Nature, but I expect it won't be long before you start hearing quite a bit about her. Jaffe is a singer/songwriter who is difficult to classify, making raw, emotional music that ranges from quiet acoustic ballads ("Stay With Me") to soaring rockers ("Better Than Never") and everything in between. She proves equally adept at whatever she attempts, with her strong voice and stirringly honest lyrics immediately setting her apart from her less remarkable peers. The record's best, the driving "Clementine" and the dark, atmospheric "Swelling" would be my recommendations for where to start, but really you can't go wrong with any of the 13 tracks comprising the 45 minutes of Suburban Nature, which remarkably includes songs from as far back as Jaffe's teenage years. Keep an eye on Sarah Jaffe--you can bet everyone else will.



Anonymous said...

Not a comment specific to this post, but a comment about this blog in general: fantastic! Just discovered it today. I've spent the last couple hours checking out the insightful reviews and music samples/downloads from the last year. You seem to appreciate the artists I'm already familiar with (Animal Collective, Atlas Sound, Marching Band. etc.), so when you gush about acts unknown to me (i.e. Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears, Mighty Tiger, Ivan & Alyosha, Givers, Anna Ternheim -- just to name a few), I more than likely am going to dig them too :) Anyway, I've bookmarked your exceptional site and am looking forward to future posts -- as well as catching up previous posts. Many thanks from your new fan in San Diego, Ion

Chris N said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm very glad you like the site and that you've made some good discoveries here. Mission accomplished on my part!

I wish I could get to about twice as many bands as I do, but I'm glad these artists are getting some exposure.

Feel free to comment any of your agreements/disagreements whenever you like!