Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three for Saturday: King of Prussia, The Brunettes, Mux Mool

King of Prussia -

The idea of combining pop and country western music may make some cringe, and rightfully so; we've all heard plenty of bad examples of the marriage of those two genres. But indie rock band King of Prussia offers a much more appealing side of just that blend. With laid-back pop hooks and a decidedly country presentation (banjos, slide guitars, etc.), the collective has created a remarkably beautiful three-song EP called The Time of Great Forgetting that I simply can't stay away from for long. From the lovely waltz "Waitin' For SOmething" (available below) to the bouncy "Psychic Powers," King of Prussia waste no time in qualifying themselves as a band to watch going forward. Highly recommended.

Waitin' For Something (MP3)


The Brunettes -

The Brunettes had a breakthrough of sorts with the release of their previous disc, 2007's Structure & Cosmetics, but they remain well below the radar for most. I imagine their latest effort may do more to change that, however. Paper Dolls is a joyful and upbeat set of tunes from the New Zealand indie pop duo, one that plays around with many digital and organic elements with consistently fun results. It may be a little sugary for some, but tracks like the sharp, energetic opener "In Colours" and the tropically-tinged "It's Only Natural" are nearly impossible not to enjoy. Definitely worth a listen if you're into boy/girl pop harmonies and a little ambition in your pop music.

Red Rollerskates (MP3)


Mux Mool -

Brian Lindgren, or Mux Mool, is an electronica artist you probably don't, but definitely will soon, know. And to help things move along, Mux Mool and Ghostly International are giving away an MP3, "Lady Linda," and an entire EP, Viking Funeral. Lindgren is quickly showing he's got the talent and inspiration to be worthy of our attention with tunes like the spacey "Drum Babylon," the completely outrageous "Goblin Town" and a sweet version of a song called "Death 9000" featuring Prof and the inimitable P.O.S. He's got a full-length out on March 23rd called Skulltaste, but you really should hear his stuff soon as possible, it's an excellent introduction to an exciting talent.

Lady Linda (MP3)

Viking Funeral EP