Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SLC Concerts on The Yellow Stereo

So Salt lake City, Utah isn't exactly the indie music capital of America, but there's more going on at the venues here than many might expect. I don't make it up for as many shows as I would like and it's difficult to keep track of who's playing where, so I was excited to come across The Yellow Stereo. It's a blog that focuses exclusively on Salt Lake concerts, specifically the indie stuff, and it has a good list of upcoming shows as well as videos, chances to win tickets, etc.

Anyway, check it out The Yellow Stereo if you're in Utah.

First up on my list to see is Fanfarlo with April Smith & The Great Picture Show. Fanfarlo is a band I fell in love with last year and April Smith is a new talent I've only just had the pleasure of hearing, but I'm expecting both to be excellent.

They're going to be at The Urban Lounge this Saturday, Feb 27th.

Fanfarlo - MySpace

April Smith & The Great Picture Show - MySpace

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