Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live Review: Dirty Projectors @ In the Venue

In New York City, Dirty Projectors are set to play at Lincoln Center and the Bowery Ballroom. In Los Angeles, it's the Walt Disney Concert Hall. But here in Salt Lake City, Utah, it's the humble little joint called In the Venue that they're to perform at. To call this somewhat dingy club nondescript would be generous; still, I’ve seen some fantastic performances here (including Fleet Foxes last year), and expect this one to be no different. Arriving at what I’ve come to refer to as “concert standard time” (about a half hour after the show’s 7 p.m. opening), I expect to see some sort of line or crowd inside, but we're greeted instead with neither. The opening band is still ten minutes away from taking the stage, but even still, the paltry turnout is surprising. A few small groups mill about, but nobody is jockeying for position up front as there isn’t much competition—we're not complaining. (Continue Reading @ In Review Online)