Friday, November 20, 2009

@In Review Online: Unheard Of #3

The third installment of my "Unheard Of" column is up at In Review Online. As usual, it features some artists I've already covered along with some I haven't. I'll post some links below, but for the full article and free songs, check out the full thing HERE.

Will Stratton -
"...over the course of two records - particularly No Wonder - he's demonstrated a steadily increasing level of maturity and brought greater depth to his songwriting"

Lissie -
"Maurus' strong, slightly weathered voice aligns her with the likes of late-period Joan Baez or even Stevie Nicks, as does her emotive lyricism and all-encompassing folk style"

Capybara -
"'s the songwriting that really shines here; simple yet arresting melodies, constant harmonies and intriguing song structures combine to form many great moments on the record."

Brooke Waggoner -
"She uses her talents to compose intricate, elegant songs that primarily feature sweeping orchestral arrangements underpinning her signature instrument, a lovely, emotive voice."

Ólöf Arnalds -
"Arnalds' sound is like a cross between Sigur Ros and Joanna Newsom, as she makes mostly stark, acoustic music to compliment her high, almost childlike voice."

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