Monday, October 19, 2009

This Week @ In Review Online: Flaming Lips, The Mountain Goats and more

Maybe this should read last week at In Review Online, but these review just got posted recently and I think we've got a good haul for you. My Monsters of Folk review I've already posted, but here's the full list:

Flaming Lips - Embryonic ( by Yorgo Douramacos)
3.5 Stars (of 4)

"If all you think of in connection with Wayne Coyne and the boys is sugary, glacial bliss and secular humanist hymns set against stories about weird aliens and superheroes, here comes Embryonic to remind us just who we’re dealing with."

The Mountain Goats - Life of the World to Come (by Jordan Cronk)
2.5 Stars (of 4)

"...The Life of the World to Come is a deeply penetrating, earnestly manifest song cycle applicable to just about anyone willing to open themselves up to Darnielle’s penetrating realizations."

Monsters of Folk - Monsters of Folk (by Yours Truly)
3 Stars (of 4)

"You probably won’t want any of these talented musicians to quit their day jobs soon, but this album is more than just a fun diversion—it’s an impressive achievement."

Califone - All My Friends are Funeral Singers (by Jordan Cronk)
3 Stars (of 4)

"All My Friends Are Funeral Singers represents yet another unique and deeply rewarding conflation of a variety of classic and modern American rock and folk signifiers."

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (by Yorgo Douramacos)
3.5 Stars (of 4)

"...Wild Beasts somehow create echo-drenched theatrical lounge music for tomorrow’s sexier rocket ships."


Sam C. Mac said...

oooo, I definitely like this.