Thursday, October 22, 2009

@ In Review Online: Unheard Of #2

The second installment for the "Unheard Of" feature I'm doing for In Review Online just went up! There are some bands I've featured before on Chewing Gum for the Ears, and a couple new ones - so check it out! I'll post a shorter version of the feature below, but visit In Review for the full thing - including some free music!

Full article: Unheard Of #2

Featured Artists:

fun. -
Recent Release: Aim and Ignite

"...a record that is exquisitely crafted, consistently surprising, and - of course - very fun indeed."

Shuta Hasunuma -
Recent Release: Pop Ooga

"Each moment feels carefully constructed and beautifully presented, making Pop Ooga a captivating and engaging musical experience for its entire 51 minutes."

Netherfriends -
Recent Release: Calling You Out EP

"contains...plenty of psychedelically-tinged, messy musical and vocal hooks and a refreshingly strange approach to indie rock."

Arms -
Recent Release: Kids Aflame

"It may be a subtle kind of magic that makes Kids Aflame an album worth digging into, and some will likely be underwhelmed by its straightforwardness, but Todd Goldstein’s solo debut is a great way to make an entrance."

Robert Francis -
Recent Release: Before Nightfall

"Though Robert Francis’ youth will certainly turn heads, the music he creates deserves more than just 'he’s good for his age' sorts of comments. "