Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: Health - Get Color (* * * *)

Los Angeles quartet HEALTH's music is often labeled as a ‘noise-rock,’ but that’s oversimplifying to say the least, especially nowadays as the term continues to be questionably applied to current indie favorites such as Wavves or Japandroids. To be fair, though, it’s probably not laziness that inspires such frequently bland descriptions, but rather an inability to give any reference as to what the group’s sound may be compared. Indeed, HEALTH doesn’t make that easy; their explosive brand of rock n’ roll takes their instrumental attack to ear-assaulting levels with layers of manipulated sound and washed out vocals and can certainly be called noise, but their adventurous compositions and almost formless song structures put the band in a category all their own. With their true sophomore effort, Get Color, HEALTH follow their self-titled 2007 debut and its remixed companion album, 2008’s Health//Disco, with nine aggressively experimental tracks that expand the minimalist style of their earlier work while also achieving a more cohesive listening experience. (Continue Reading...)