Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love (* * 1/2)

The Big Pink is a band following in the tradition of many a commercially successful brit-rock band. Like last year’s breakout act Glasvegas, The Big Pink have for about a year now been releasing singles (some in Japan only) and creating both a popular and critical frenzy in the process. They even won the Philip Hall Radar Award this year, the same honor Glasvegas received in 2008 at the NME Shockwave Awards, adding to the almost uncanny resemblance of the two bands' origin stories. And there are musical similarities as well; The Big Pink, comprised of multi-instrumentalists Robbie Furze and mil Cordell, make songs filled with thundering drums, walls of sound and epic choruses – though they often choose to substitute synthesizers for guitars and generally avoid Glasvegas’s melodramatic lyrical nature. I’ll stop with the comparisons; it’s obvious The Big Pink have leveraged themselves to an enviable position, making their debut album, A Brief History of Love, a release that's been almost impossible to ignore during these past few weeks. (Continue Reading...)