Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart (* * * *)

Stephen McBean has never seemed particularly interested in keeping his two bands as entirely separate entities. Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops have more in common than just their similar titles; McBean enlists many of the same musicians to play for both projects and it can be difficult to tell at times where he draws the dividing line between the two band’s. But while McBean doesn’t often vary from the basic ingredients, any direct comparison of the previous efforts by each project reveals fundamental differences in trajectory, with Black Mountain’s In the Future working through various forms of guitar-heavy psychedelia and Pink Mountaintops’ Outside Love incorporating a mellower blend of pop and experimental elements. With Wilderness Heart, however, McBean tempers Black Mountain’s more epic tendencies. (Continue reading @ In Review Online)


Anonymous said...

Where u at? man!

Gone since Nov. 15

I hope everythang is alright with you.

Chris N said...

Hey, thanks for your concern. Everything is just fine, life and work just got in the way of my blogging.

Gonna be better about it, though, promise!