Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Will Stratton - New Vanguard Blues (* * * * 1/2)

Patience is a virtue, sure, but one that tends to slow things down and occasionally even seems completely unnecessary. Will Stratton’s third album, New Vanguard Blues, serves as a reminder that impatience can be just as valuable a trait. After offering one of my favorite records of 2009—the consistently stunning No Wonder— Stratton apparently didn’t want to bother taking the traditional route in releasing his third full-length. Recorded and mixed by the songwriter himself over the weekend of July 9th, the album was made available online only a couple weeks later, an unusual but certainly welcome decision as New Vanguard Blues is in many ways Stratton's best effort to date. Shedding the varied sonic decorations that enhanced the tunes on No Wonder, his latest is simple and stripped-down, resulting in a tighter, more focused set of songs that relies almost exclusively on his impressive guitar work for accompaniment. But the album mostly succeeds for the same reason the last one did: Stratton’s singular songwriting, which has only gotten better with time. (Continue reading at In Review Online. . .)


A Reader! said...

First Comment ever!

Straight up - you are one of the best and my top three music reviewers/taste-makers on whole world wide web.

I've been visiting this blog for quite a time now... usually one or two times a week. Honestly im not into the genres (indie rock/pop/punk) you cover here, its all hip-hop over here. I guess im a fan of ur writing and even tho I dont listen to albums u review, as a reader I've never felt dat ur views on album and rating are conflicting each other.

Keep doing the great work and you are only getting better with it, imo.

Chris N said...

Thanks! You Just made my day.

Glad you like the writing even if I don't cover much hip-hop on here.