Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Should Know: The Silver Seas

It would be easy to mistake the Silver Seas as having arrived via time machine from 35 years ago rather than forming this past decade. Though the band has only been releasing music since 2004, they seem to have more in common with the likes of Steely Dan, Jackson Browne or any number of 70s pop-rock icons than with their current peers. The Nashville group navigates the pop music of their chosen decade much like The Clientele do the 60s, seeking not to combine classic influences with modern trends, but rather emulating the past right down to the instrumental flourishes and production details. Yet somehow, though the Silver seas remain firmly entrenched in a slice of musical history, their music comes across as much more than a simple copy of their obvious influences. Their third album, Chateau Revenge, is a lovely classic pop record featuring smooth grooves, fantastic melodies, and fine songwriting that makes this a must-listen in any decade.

The record covers territory from gorgeous lite-rock balladry ("Jane") to disco-tinged night music ("The Best Things in Life"), only occasionally showing signs of its more modern origin. With not even one misstep among the 12 tracks, Chateau Revenge is an album you really can't afford to let pass you by.

Key Tracks: "Another Bad Night's Sleep," "Jane," "What's the Drawback"

Download: Another Bad Night's Sleep (Zipped MP3)