Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Hot Chip - One Life Stand (* * *)

Three albums into their career and lovable electronica nerds Hot Chip had, for the most part, stubbornly resisted maturity, but it seems they’re finally growing up; at least, if their latest record, One Life Stand, is any indication. This is clear both lyrically—with an introspective attitude toward love and its accompanying commitments—and musically, as the record presents a more focused stylistic approach. Hot Chip obviously hope to use their fourth effort to convince us of their legitimacy as indie mainstays and not simply another compelling novelty act. This isn’t meant as a critique, of course, it’s simply an observation; and it’s likely that this will greatly factor in to your reception of their new album. The band sound like themselves, only with a wider array of electronic techniques, vocal filters, and organic instrumentation combining in the service of danceable white-boy funk. Unfortunately, the more purposeful air somehow lessens the impact and personality we’ve become accustomed to with Hot Chip. In some ways this seems necessary or even preferable, but unfortunately the costs outweigh the benefits of such advancement and One Life Stand falls shy of its mark. (Read the rest @ In Review Online)