Friday, December 18, 2009

@ In Review Online: Unheard of #4

Once again, if you follow this blog, some of these picks may seem redundant, but my Unheard Of series over at In Review Online is a chance to get some of my favorites a little more time in the spotlight. Check out a small bit on the bands below or head to the full article for free tunes and more info.

Full Article

Bands Featured:

The Lonely Forest
- "We Sing the Body one of this year's most overlooked rock albums."

A Grave With No Name - "Mountain Debris may seem slight to those who find the band's eccentricities to be less compelling, but for the more adventurous, the finely crafted details of the music become wholly absorbing..."

- "On their upcoming release, the duo embellish and improve upon their best material with additional layers of instrumentation and cleaner production, expanding their sonic palette and capitalizing on teh promise they've exhibited on past recordings."

Keegan DeWitt - "DeWitt has already earned praise for the music he's created for various indies, but this time around he's showing his chops as a singer/songwriter, which, it turns out, well-compliment his compositional skills."

Little Tybee
- "Little Tybee stand out amidst the throng of similar experimental indie bands vying for our collective attention."


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