Monday, December 15, 2008

New Artist: Carney

Reeve Carney grew up fast, musically speaking. Still in his early 20's, Reeve, spent a great deal of time honing his guitar skills in music clubs around Los Angeles, and even toured with Johnny Lang for two years before settling into his latest gig, a self-titled blues rock band with his brother Zane (guitar), and friends John David Lipscomb (bass) and Jon Epcar (drums). The young quartet combine the best of soulful rock 'n' roll with pop sensibility on their EP, Nothing Without You, released earlier this year.

The four songs of the EP are split between gritty classic rock and smoother, gentler ballads. The explosive opener "Nothing Without You" showcases virtuoso guitar work and Reeve's impressive vocal abilities. Following is "Imperial Lover," which sounds something like a Gavin DeGraw tune but better written, while "There She Goes" is a lovelorn ode filled with backing vocals, keyboards, and strings. Finishing things off is the rock hymn "Testify," a slow-burning, bluesy anthem and the band's most Zepplin-esque moment.

While Carney do a little of everything here, they're at their best when the volume is up and the guitars are unrestrained, though it all works well enough to make me excited for what's next from this talented young band.

Check out Carney's MySpace page to hear the whole EP!