Monday, August 25, 2008

First Impression Review: Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine (* * * *)

I just heard this album streaming today at It's being re-released tomorrow, after being self-produced and released late last year. Delta Spirit is a rock/pop/soul band from Southern California with a love for piano hooks and socially conscious rock songs and if there's any justice in the world, they're going to be big. After one listen, I was hooked.

After hearing "Ode To Sunshine" described as "the record you wished the Cold War Kids had made," I haven't been able to think of a better way to say it. Delta Spirit share a similar sound with CWK and other retro-rockers like Dr. Dog, but the honesty and urgency found on "Ode To Sunshine" make it seem sincere and interesting. They also have a knack for melodies that stick and lyrics that, for the most part, work well with the music (though the vocals can be a bit grating at times).

Instead of getting stuck in the past, Delta Spirit use the energy of their influences and create something that's not entirely new, but fresh enough to be worth a listen. "Ode To Sunshine" is best when it's loud and messy, dragging a bit when the tempo slows, but the music is mostly exciting, raw, and compelling. This is yet another standout debut album released this year.

Favorite Tracks: Trashcan, People C'mon, Children